A costume technician is a term used for a person that constructs and/or alters the costumes.[7] The costume technician is responsible for taking the two dimensional sketch and translating it to create a garment that resembles the designer's rendering. It is important for a technician to keep the ideas of the designer in mind when building the garment.[8]
Every woman has her own sense of style and taste, and each one has her own reason for wearing a costume. Maybe you're the kind of girl who wants a cute outfit that you can take your kids trick or treating in and not freeze to death while wearing, or maybe you need something a little sultry to finally catch the eye of that special someone at the Halloween party you've been crushing on. Maybe you want something a little in between. Or maybe you're not quite sure what you want yet, but you'll know the perfect Halloween outfit when you see it. 

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In this photo, you can tell that our model's not just excited to be Harley, she's downright estactic about it. (Well, maybe it's just all the jewels she's planning on getting her hands on from her next crime spree…) You can practice your own devious smile, but when you have the signature Harley Quinn Suicide Squad wig, you're going to want to make sure your facial expressions convey the not-so-deep thoughts of a certified mental case. Her makeup is on-point, just like Margot Robbie, and when the sequins catch the light just right and she holds the Harley Quinn inflatable bat at the ready, well, there's no way we'd try to cross this villain.

In other cases, they may have a shared origin and/or have known each other previously. The Fantastic Four was a family of sorts prior to getting their powers and were already a team. Gaining superpowers simply allowed them to act as a superhero team, as well as a family. Similarly, teams like the Incredibles, ClanDestine, and the Nobles are families whose members are all superheroes.

The task of saving the day really should be left for the young and imaginative, so we're sure any young lady will love choosing from our selection of superhero costumes for girls. Most little ladies look up to Wonder Woman and this modern costume is styled directly from the latest DC Comics movie universe. She'll be able to look up to Gal Gadot and her portrayal as the Amazing Amazon as a serious role model with this costume!
Due to the nature of long-term serialized story-telling it is common that death is impermanent in the world of superhero fiction. Often, this means that characters die, only to be ressurected in later stories in one fashion or another. Originally, the killing of a major superhero character was extremely rare.  There certainlty notable exceptions, such as comic book story in which the Doom Patrol sacrificed their lives to protect the innocent from their arch-enemies or Captain America revealing that his sidekick, Bucky, died in action.  However, in the Bronze Age, there were more notable deaths of major characters such as Aquaman's son, Gwen Stacy (Spider-Man's love interest) and Jean Grey.  As time has gone on, deaths for popular characters became more common in superhero books. Though some of these characters remained dead, in many cases, characters would be ressurected or revealed to have never died, which has become a commonplace trope in superhero comic books.

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Both major publishers began introducing new superheroines with a more distinct feminist theme as part of their origin stories or character development. Examples include Big Barda, Power Girl, and the Huntress by DC comics; and from Marvel, the second Black Widow, Shanna the She-Devil, and The Cat.[35] Female supporting characters who were successful professionals or hold positions of authority in their own right also debuted in the pages of several popular superhero titles from the late 1950s onward: Hal Jordan's love interest Carol Ferris was introduced as the Vice-President of Ferris Aircraft and later took over the company from her father; Medusa, who was first introduced in the Fantastic Four series, is a member of the Inhuman Royal Family and a prominent statesperson within her people's quasi-feudal society; and Carol Danvers, a decorated officer in the United States Air Force who would become a costumed superhero herself years later.

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